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Banish Dry Skin During Winter Months

As the season changes and we head into colder weather, dry skin can be a major culprit. Dry cracked skin on hands, face and feet, chapped lips and dry nasal passages accompany the change in weather. Spending more time indoors during the winter months, heating our homes, washing our hands frequently to avoid coming in contact with cold and flu germs, and turning that space heater on in your office on cold winter days are all factors that contribute to robbing our skin of moisture. This results in rough, cracked, itchy skin, but you don’t have to suffer! You can makes a few changes to find relief from dry skin.

Follow these tips to alleviate dry skin during the winter months:

Avoid taking long hot showers

Although it feels good to step into a steaming hot shower or bath to warm up, avoid using hot water in the shower and use lukewarm water instead. The hotter the temperature of the water on the skin, the more dried out it will become. Hot water strips the natural oils from skin that help skin stay moisturized. The less time you spend in the shower, the better.

Avoid excess heat on your skin Hair dryers, hand dryers in restrooms, and constant hand-washing are a few daily habits that can dry your skin out. Although you may aim the hair dryer directly on your hair, be aware that as you stroke your fingers through your air, or brush your hair while blow drying it, the air from the blow dryer reaches your skin. Utilize the hours you sleep to let your skin rehydrate Coconut oil is one of my favorite skin saviors during the winter months. Coating areas of dry cracked skin with coconut oil before going to be at night allows the skin to absorb it throughout the night. While we sleep, the skin is not coming into contact with cold air from outside or water as it does during the day. Try applying raw coconut oil to your hands and face before bed. The next morning you will start the day with skin that has had the time to rehydrate overnight. Wear gloves, hats and scarves outside The outer layer of skin regularly acts as a barrier to keep moisture in and impurities out. When outside in the winter, each time the bitter cold air or wind comes in contact with your skin the outer layer of skin is stripped of vital moisture. This is especially true for the hands, which contain a thinner layer of skin to begin with. Wearing gloves helps to keep warmth in our skin and prevent natural moisturisers from escaping our hands. Visit the Himalayan salt room During a session in a salt room, pharmaceutical grade Himalayan salt is ground up into small particles in a halo generator and dispersed into the air. When the salt particles come in contact with the skin, it is absorbed into the skin and can help eliminate excess oil on the skin. Excess oils contribute to acne, eczema, dermatitis and related skin conditions. Himalayan salt also has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which helps to keep the skin’s pH level in balance and moisturize the skin. It’s natural moisturizing properties support the skin’s natural retention and balance of water. Salt penetrates deeper into the skin than lotions and moisturizers do, helping to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin skills and keeping pores clean and open.

Schedule your session today at Float Haven’s Himalayan Salt Room. Visit us online or call (856) 589-1133
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