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Our Partners &

Their Services

One Body Massage

"I believe there is an inseparable connection in all aspects of a person: mind, body, and spirit.  All three can benefit from the powers of massage." - Bronwyn

Massage. Deep Tissue Laser. Cupping. IASTM, Rock Tape

Seeds of Love

"I believe in providing yoga classes that are financially and physically accessible to each and every person interested in connecting to themselves and others through the practice of yoga." - Kristin

Yoga. Family Yoga. Kid's Yoga. Meditation. Acu-Yoga

Wonder Time, LLC

"Meet your baby before they are born, and see your baby like never before" - Glenda


High Definition 3D & 4D elective prenatal ultrasound. Gifts for moms-to-be

Healing Artisan

"Dedicated to providing comprehensive holistic health treatments with energy, sound, and vibration for all ages." - Eileen

Sound and Energy Healing

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