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float practice

In-house monthly perks:

10% Off Retail, VIP Events ,Free Float Days, Give-aways

3-month commitment / Cancel anytime after

Floats roll over and can be shared

We want to bring the opportunity 

of consistent floating to everyone.

How, you ask?

By making floating a practice

just like doing yoga or going to the gym.

You may have an amazing experience during that first yoga class or gym session but the real benefits and results happen when you make it a habit.


The same is true for floating!


Your first float may be a great experience but if you leave it there you are most likely missing out on many benefits such as reduced anxiety, improved sleep and improved athletic performance to name a few.

Based on these learnings we have developed our Float Practice Programs. These programs make it affordable for everyone to float consistently.


Plus, we will give you a FREE Gift Card to help you kickstart your personal float practice

Monthly Practice Program

1 Float/Month - $54

FREE Gift Card upon signing up

(6-week expiration)

Bi-Monthly Practice Program

2 Floats/Month - $99

Free Gift Card upon signing up

(6-week expiration)

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